Thinking of Staining Your Own Concrete

DIY Tips on Concrete Staining


If you have fallen in love with stained concrete floors, and want to try your own hand at DIY concrete staining, then reading our A & L Concrete post is a must.


The best tips when you are performing this type of job will include using the correct tools and supplies. And, make sure you use the right concrete stain and remember to use the right amount to the surface. This will ensure your DIY project goes according to plan.


When you are removing the old flooring, like tiles, carpets, or linoleum, make sure to remove all the material, including any adhesive that was used to secure the flooring to your concrete slab.


When dealing with carpet, tile, or other adhesive, you will often find you need a metal scraper and warm soapy water to remove all the residue. Once the old flooring and adhesive are removed, scrub the slab vigorously with some concrete degreaser and a scrub brush. Allow it to dry for at least 1 – 2 days before applying the concrete stain. New concrete slabs must be left to cure for four to six weeks before staining; otherwise, the stain will not cure properly.


Buy the right stain and make sure that you follow the package directions. Some stain comes premixed and all ready to use. While others may need to be diluted with water beforehand. Make sure you wear gloves, goggles, and old clothes that you don’t mind getting stain on. And open the windows and advise others to stay out throughout the process.


You should use a large spray container to start your DIY concrete staining project. If the sprayer is used, remember to clean it before pouring the stain inside as this prevents the stain from becoming contaminated.


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