Always Wondered How Vast Amounts of Concrete Were Poured at One Time?

When Does a Professional Concrete Service Need to Use a Pump?

If you always wondered how concrete foundations were poured in one go, then wonder no more, read our concrete service post on how this is achieved.

A concrete pump is used in the construction business to distribute large volumes of concrete in a short time period. Concrete trucks are able to deposit their entire load into concrete pumping equipment at once. And a hydraulic pump will suck in the concrete, where it is then distributed at a rapid pace. There are 2 types of pumps used by a concrete pumping service, which are a line and a boom pump.

The most common is a boom pump. This is mounted onto a truck and comes with a robotic arm that is controlled by a remote to distribute the concrete into forms accurately. Boom pumps can be on a truck that has between 2 – 6 axles. The boom arm comes in sections that unfold to supply extra length and can have up to 6 sections. The maximum unfolding length is 200 feet.

Line concrete pumps consist of a separate piece of equipment that is either mounted on a truck or trailer. They work on the same principle as a boom pump, with the exception of it uses manual labor to distribute the concrete through long placing hoses. These pumps dispense concrete slower than their boom pump counterparts, so they will only be used on smaller jobs.

Another benefit of hiring a concrete pumping service provider is that they can pour slabs quickly, so it takes less time to cure. When uncured concrete freezes, it will become unstable and lose its integrity. Concrete pumps are frequently used in cold months during the warmest part of the day, in order to speed up the process so it is smooth and dry before the evening turns colder.

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